Impacts of tourism

Morocco has an absolute ecological responsibility.

It is now one of the leading countries in terms of Sustainable Tourism

As member of the travel industry, we can’t help but think

about the roles—both good and bad—that tourism plays

on a local and global scale. In many of our cities, tourism

is a major industry that drives the local economy and

supports the lives of residents.


Impacts of tourism


In Imlil for example, tourism has helped residents out of poverty and enabled children to get a better education as well as earn a living. In Marrakech and Ouarzazate, tourism has skewed the preservation agenda to favor the most popular sights at the expense of a host of “forgotten monuments” that are literally crumbling before our eyes.


The Context Approach


From our beginnings, we’ve been asking ourselves how we can protect the places that we love while enhancing the experience of the people we serve. To us, travel is more than a consumption experience or an easy pass-through of culture. We believe that—done consciously and responsibly travel can profoundly benefit both the visitor and the visited. We don’t take our responsibility within the travel industry lightly, and we are committed to spreading our specific approach to sustainability:

  • To approach our Villages with sensitivity and a dedication to understanding


  • To support the local communities within these villages and cities, most notably experts who have dedicated their lives to the deep study of that place, history, or culture


  • To educate our clients on the current state and historical underpinnings of the critical issues facing our cities today, such as local politics, historic preservation and conservation, and climate change


Tourism is part of the sustainable development trajectory that we have established at the national level. The share of renewable energies in our total generation capacity will rise to 42% by 2020 and 52% by 2030, with consequences on all the sectors of our economy. We feel that this trend is an additional asset: we believe that it is good for tourists to know that our country not only has cities and beautiful landscapes, but also a large solar farm in Ouarzazate and a wind farm in Tarfaya.

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